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In Southern Thailand lies the picturesque island of Koh Lanta where you are still able to find uncrowded private beaches. Our beautiful Island is known, as the jewel of the Andaman Sea ! Koh Lanta is located in the Krabi Province, offering amazing scuba diving, a tropical marine life and majestic coral reef gardens in no distance to the island. The sunsets here are simply breathtaking - so relax, take a nice cocktail with your special person and enjoy your stay on this tropical Island.
When deciding on what’s important to us when choosing our holiday destination everyone is completely different. We spend the vast part of our lives working hard to pay for these luxuries that when we do get that precious time off we need to have complete faith that we have chosen the right destination. If your preferred destination is Thailand then you should look no further than our dedicated websites to ensure you have chosen the right place for your deserved break. Each gives a detailed, accurate and passionate view about Thailand’s many beach, city or island retreats. All your activities, travel information, hotel bookings and so much more are just at the click of a button. If you love to travel half as much as we do then we are sure that you will love our beautiful Island - Ko Lanta in Thailand and our very nice website KoLanta.at !
You may have selected that perfect destination for your holiday or short break but finding accommodation that will ensure your stay is both comfortable, hassle free and equipped with facilities to match your requirements can be a challenge in itself. Accommodation on Koh Lanta is vast with a fantastic selection of delightful beach bungalows guesthouses and boutique resorts some equipped with first class facilities, restaurants and amenities others with more basic to cater for those traveling on a budget. We have a dedicated booking page through our Ko Lanta .at website which will give you reviews from previous visitors so you don’t have to take the hotels favored view at face value only. We also list our own personal recommended places to stay that have been visited by members f our team, so you can rest assure the hotel is of an exceptional standard.
With Thailand’s tropical climate there is rarely a bad time to visit the land of smiles. However Thailand is subject to a rainy monsoon season and heavy short lasting afternoon showers may deter people from visiting at this particular time of year. So it’s therefore important to plan your itinerary around the weather that suits your needs most. You will find all the Informations on our new Thailand, Travel & Informations Website KoLanta.at ! Check out our section on High and Low season for all you need to know.
Most of Koh Lanta’s activities are spearheaded by the nice beaches and the Andaman sea. For those who are not overly fond of spending a day by the beach or out at sea then don’t be deterred from visiting Koh Lanta as there is so much more to capture you imagination. Scuba diving is one of the most popular activities and the many dive sites off Koh Lanta offer a magnificent experience to be enjoyed by all. Alternatively pick from one of our recommended activities on our Ko Lanta info page or dedicated section on things to do during your trip on the island. There is something for everyone.
All along the Andman coast you will find stunning islands and beaches. Many people who come to visit Thailand tend to leisurely hop beween the many islands and beaches in the south. Closest to Koh Lanta is Krabi. Famed for it's magnificent beaches and world class rock climbing, Krabi is one of the South of Thailands favourite holiday destination. There are very places in the planet to rival raleigh beach in Krabi. The famouse limestone cliff submerged in Andaman Sea and only a few metres away from the shore is an iconic sight on many postcard picture assciated with Krabi. The nearest island is the world famous Phi Phi Islands. Just an hour and 15 minutes away by boat across the Andaman Sea lies one of Thailands most elegant island. The island is home to Maya Bay which was the setting for the cult classic movie The beach starring heart throb Leonardo di Caprio. Every day visitors from as far as Phuket come to the uninhabited stunning beach of Maya Bay in the search for paradise.
After a busy day of diving, trekking through the national park or a demanding day of sun bathing why not treat your self to a session of pampering from one of Koh Lanta’s Spa and massage Centres. For many years Thai massage was the main treatment available in Thailand but with the rapid growth in tourism a variety of treatments from around the globe have become readily available. Although most of the resorts are where you will find spa treatments there are still shops available offering herbal and traditional methods to choose from.

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